The Science behind Satvakeshi helps cure:

Alopecia | Hair loss | Premature greying | Hair damage | Dandruff | Greasy hair | Dry & Damaged hair

Maintaining an ideal pH balance for your hair and scalp, our products are curated to help treat frizzy and damaged hair, creating a natural bounce. We treat a large variety of hair concerns alongside these pertaining to your reports, as well as promoting hair health and rejuvenation.

No matter what your hair concern is, we have the solution.

Nourish your hair with our range of chemical free products. Products that are designed to fit you and your particular hair and scalp concerns. Customise your Hair Care Regime, with Satvakeshi’s impactful formula, driven by the power of Ayurveda and Science backed information.

Our 3-Step Hair Care Formula is designed to balance your inner Prakriti. A formula curated by expert Trichologists personalised to your hair type, combined with 40 natural Ayurvedic herbs proportioned to target your personal hair concerns.

STEP 1—Satvakeshi Hair Oil – Formulated under expert supervision, our hair oil works to eliminate hair fall by strengthening hair roots for more voluminous hair. It has an emollient-like texture, to deeply hydrate your scalp and hair so as to regulate hair growth.

STEP 2—Satvakeshi Shampoo – Free of any chemical toxins, sulphates, and parabens, our shampoo acts gently on your scalp to eliminate bacterial growth that might result from greasy hair. Unlike most other shampoos in the market, ours leaves your hair deeply hydrated. Thus, helps lock in the moisture from Satvakeshi hair oil, without leaving any traces of dirt, dust, or product residue, in your hair.  

STEP 3—Satvakeshi Hair Serum – The Satvakeshi Hair Serum is an essential part of a good hair-care routine. It helps hydrate the lengths of your hair, and leaves your locks looking lustrous and voluminous. The non-greasy formula of this product ensures you can wear it out to any event without compromising on your hair care routine. With Satvakeshi Hair Serum, say goodbye to the frizz in your hair all-day every-day!

This 3-Step formula helps bring a balance in your 3-Doshas, which promotes healthy hair growth and cures any medical concerns you might be facing since we personalize it to your hair type.

NOTE: At Satvakeshi we present to you the best of quality through Certified products and ingredients. All of the above-mentioned products, therefore, are built on a clinically tested and scientifically approved formula.

What does a hair consultation and scalp testing session with Satvakeshi look like?

  • Scalp, hair, and Follicle testing by our expert medical technicians.
  • Report Analysis by expert Trichologists.
  • Detailed consultation by ayurvedic physicians for product formulation.
  • Personalized Hair Treatment Plan Suiting your needs. This includes our 3-Step Hair Care Regime as well as complementary benefits like a diet plan and a Yoga routine.

The Most Frequently Reported Reasons behind Hair and Scalp Concerns:

Problems like Alopecia, Hair loss, Premature greying, Hair damage, Split ends, Dandruff, Greasy hair, Dry & Damaged hair can happen due to many reasons. Some of these reasons are:


  • High Blood Sugar levels
  • Thyroid
  • Colour Treated Hair
  • Hereditary-Genetic issues
  • Using shared combs/towels, and the like
  • An unhealthy diet
  • Insomnia or a poor sleep schedule
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • As a repercussion of COVID
  • An unhealthy routine/schedule
  • Prolonged anxiety, stress, depression

We get to the root cause of every hair and scalp issue you might be facing and provide you with a wholistic treatment plan that tackles the above-mentioned reasons which might be causing not just hair and scalp damage but also other issues in your body. Our yoga and diet plans also help boost the effectiveness of this treatment plan so as to help you resolve these issues more effectively for long-standing results.

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