Ayurveda—The Science that encompasses the sacred knowledge of life and longevity.

Satvakeshi’s blend of Ayurveda with technology, brings to you the Vedic essence of wholistic being. The essence that has served humanity with its wisdom for over 5000 years.

Creating Tridoshic Harmony Here’s how we make it happen.
The human prakriti is a combination of the three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Vata dosha

Influenced by ether and air elements.

Affects movement and communication.

Described as cold, light, dry and spacious, mobile, clear.

Pitta dosha

Influenced by fire and water elements.

Affects transformation.

Described as hot, light, sharp and oily.

Kapha dosha

Influenced by earth and water elements.

Affects structure and cohesion.

Described as cold, stable, heavy and soft, slow, dense, cloudy, and oily.

When these three reside in harmonious proportions in your Prakriti, that is bodily constitution, you reap the benefits of a healthy body and lifestyle. However, any disruption in the body’s Tridoshic proportion can lead to an imbalance in health causing various illnesses, the most common of which are skin and hair damage.

When you use products that target problems for a mass-audience, even if that is a home-based ayurvedic remedy, it does not help you balance your tridosha. This is because these are not targeted to treat the root cause of this imbalance in your body. Which is the reason why such products and remedies more often than not harm your body rather than doing any good to your system.

At Satvakeshi we recognise and acknowledge that a one-size-fits-all formula is not the solution to problems that are so unique to every individual. We understand that every customer needs prioritized attention to get solutions that are uniquely designed to balance their tridosha, so as to work for them. That is why, we have designed customised hair care solutions to meet your specific hair care and damage repair requirements.

We don’t just give you an analysis of your hair and scalp and curate products for you based on the same. We help you eliminate elements that make your energy heavy and vibrations negative which could be causing a tridoshic imbalance in your body leading to many more issues than might be visible on the surface. Satvakeshi cares immensely for each of its customers which is why we have included customised haircare solutions, a diet plan, and healthy routines like yoga in our packages that are designed to suit your lifestyle and balance your prakriti.

Satvakeshi’s hair oil, shampoo, and serum are meticulously crafted with over 40 different ayurvedic herbs and highly researched and science backed information to provide nourishment to your hair and scalp for long and healthy hair growth.

Satvakeshi’s unique success formula

  • A network of 100+ expert Trichologists + experienced Ayurvedachary’s + qualified hair physicians.
  • Revolutionary German technology and tools to map your hair and scalp issues.
  • A 30-day Progress Card for you to measure your progress, visible and accessible to you all through the process.
  • A personalised 3 step Hair Care Regime.
  • Best in class quality products designed with an infused formulation of 40 Ayurvedic Herbs, proportioned as per the customer’s hair and scalp requirements.
  • A Customised Diet Plan and Yoga Routine to fasten results and balance your Prakritik Tridosha.
  • Long-standing cost effectiveness with one time pay package. This ensures you only pay for the market value of the product range, but get extra benefits like customization + yoga routine + diet plan for faster and better results.
  • India’s first Hair and Scalp Testing Facility with a service that is designed to suit you best, made available to you right at your doorstep.

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