A quick glance at what we do.

  • Tridoshic harmony is your body’s key to health and happiness. A shift in your body’s Tridosha proportion can pose problems with your skin and hair thereby leading to no treatment being effective. We understand this.
  • Every individual is built different, and so are their problems. These concerns require a thorough analysis and customized proactive treatment that we specialize in.
  • Satvakeshi’s hair oil, shampoo, and serum are intricately crafted with over 40 different Ayurvedic herbs to nourish your hair and scalp for that long and healthy hair growth you’ve always wished for.

Solving these three issues:

Balancing tridoshic harmony +

personalized attention and solutions +

long term growth through a blend of Ayurveda, technology, and trichology, we got you.

Know your hair and scalp testing Program.

STEP 1 – Book your appointment to get access to your doorstep-delivered German Hair and Scalp Testing Facility which helps us get an insight into all your hair and scalp issues

STEP 2 – After your test reports are generated, a thorough analysis of your hair and scalp problems is performed under the expertise of our top Ayurvedacharyas and Trichologists to better understand your hair and scalp’s condition.

STEP 3 – A Customized Diet Plan is curated according to your hair and scalp requirements (as per your reports) to give them the nourishment they need.

STEP 4 – A synergistic blend of vital Ayurveda Herbs is put together to customize a 3-Step Hair care regime to target and cure your hair and scalp issues.

STEP 5 – We are your partners to and through which is why we have our trichology and ayurveda experts monitor and provide feedback on your hair journey and its progress at regular intervals.

How Satvakeshi stands out.

A 3-step Hair Care Regime customized for every client’s specific hair and scalp concerns based on results derived from revolutionary German technology tools

Consumer is always in the know of which ingredient goes into their product range. These products are built on a uniquely proportioned balance of 40 Ayurvedic herbs

Provides you a 30-day progress card to help you get visible and measurable results.

Service + product-based solutions, targeting multiple hair and scalp concerns at once

Completely toxin-free products (no parabens, no sulphates, no harmful chemicals).

Brings tridoshic harmony within your body’s inner prakriti to help cure existing hair concerns, as well as prevent any in the future.

Targets external hair and scalp concerns and inner body imbalance issues, to help cure both simultaneously and bring long-term solutions.

Gives long standing results, even after your treatment is complete by solving every hair and scalp concern from its roots.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Satvakeshi products are made from a unique combination of 40-Ayurvedic Herbs. A combination that is uniquely proportioned for each of our customers. A list of all ingredients used for a product designed for you, are made available to you along with your analysis report.

No, these products are completely free of any side-effects. It is because of the combination of the 40 Ayurvedic ingredients used, and their toxin-free properties, that these products become completely free of any harmful side-effects.

Customization generally refers to a product/range of products designed as per a customer’s specifications. At Satvakeshi, we bring this facility right at your doorstep.

When you use products that target problems for a mass-audience, even if that is a home-based ayurvedic remedy, it does not help you balance your tridosha. This is because these are not targeted to treat the root cause of this imbalance in your body. Which is the reason why such products and remedies more often than not harm your body rather than doing any good to your system.

Customization helps in eliminating the risk of tridoshic imbalance in your Prakriti. It targets your particular hair concerns, so you get faster and better results.

The machine used by our experts is made from revolutionary German technology, with its origin in Germany. Satvakeshi is the first hair and scalp testing facility in India that brings you world-class technology to ensure we get to the root of your problems so as to help you cure them.

At Satvakeshi we use best-in-class German technology which helps us diagnose every hair and scalp issue a client is facing. This not only includes easily noticeable hair issues like dandruff, hair-fall, dryness, frizzy hair, thinning of hair strands, balding, grey hair, and so on, but also issues like alopecia, which generally go undiagnosed.

Our team is built of expert Trichologists and experienced Ayurvedacharyas. It is our expert Trichologists who visit you for a hair and scalp testing session, and prepare a report according to the test results. This report highlights the issues that need to be targeted in order to help you achieve healthy and voluminous hair. It also gives you an insight into the proportionate balance of 40 ayurvedic herbs and ingredients that go into creating your 3-step hair care regime.

While we use Ayurveda in the ingredients and formulation of our products, the right proportioning is looked after by both, Ayurvedic and Trichology experts.

Our products are designed in a manner that they help you get rid of all your hair and scalp issues by eliminating the root cause of the problem and bringing a balance in your doshas so you never encounter these again. The blend of Trichology with Technology and Ayurveda helps us achieve the perfect formula to enable faster recovery and healing while targeting multiple issues at once.

Satvakeshi does not offer pre-made products for mass-usage. This means that a product is only suitable for the person that it is designed for. Therefore, no, it is not available as pre-made product(s) in stores.

What Satvakeshi offers through its various packages, is not just a combination of 3 products designed to treat your hair. It is a service that is designed to treat each customer’s needs with utmost care and attention.

You can get your hands on this service and our customised range of products exclusively on our website. Click here to book an appointment with our experts.

At Satvakeshi, we take pride in providing you the best-in-class products that are completely toxin-free. We do not use any chemical toxins in our products. Therefore, yes, all Satvakeshi products are paraben free.

No, Satvakeshi products are not tested on animals. These products are completely cruelty-free.

Satvakeshi is currently only available in the following cities:

We hope to make our services available in more cities across India in the near future.

After your hair and scalp testing appointment, we send you a package that is curated specially for you, to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

This package contains:

  1. Your Hair and Scalp Testing Reports
  2. The 3-Step Hair Care Regime
  • Satvakeshi Oil
  • Satvakeshi Shampoo
  • Satvakeshi Serum
  1. Usage Instructions for each product
  2. A Diet Plan
  3. Instructions for a Yoga Routine
  4. A 30-Day Progress Card
  5. Satvakeshi’s contact Information (for easy accessibility)

Your package will reach you within 7-8 days after the successful completion of your hair and scalp appointment with our physicians.

Satvakeshi keeps their customers’ health as priority. Therefore, our experts and technicians make sure that all COVID protocols are followed throughout their visit to your house for your hair and scalp testing appointment. All our staff as well as the expert trichologists, Ayurvedacharyas, and our delivery technicians are not only vaccinated with the COVID vaccine, but also check their temperature and sanitize all equipment and delivery packages before making you a visit.

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